EMPLOYEES of Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. congratulated the citizens of Voronezh on the City Day

Dear fellow countrymen! We live in a blessed region that is rich in black soil. And everything that is grown on the Voronezh land has absorbed the energy of its native land. That's why our products are so delicious and healthy!
I wish wonderful festive mood, health, wealth and family well-being to all Voronezh people!

Deputy Director for Sales
N.N. Derevenskih

Voronezh, congratulations!
Luck, happiness to you!
I wish you strong health.
Hold tight the flag of life!
My advice is to forget soup and porridge for today,
Instead, buy a large supply of eggs!
Scrambled eggs, pate, and fried eggs must be in your menu today!
Love our eggs,
I congratulate you!
Employee of feed processing room

E.A. Pchelnikov.

Voronezh rejoices, City Day is here again!
Voronezh people were ready for the holiday.
The cat from Lizyukova got dressed beautifully,
I did not see it like that for a long time!
Colorful balloons, delight on the streets,
Delicious sweets are in the hands of children
Let's congratulate each other!
Voronezh citizens! Happiness, love to you, and not a drop of illness!

Chief power engineer A.N. Kirillov

We wish the citizens of Voronezh energy and optimism, strength and inspiration for new deals!
May all your dreams come true! Thank you for choosing our products!

Instrumentation Engineers D.N. Krotov and V.O. Sidorunin




Dear buyers in Voronezh! I congratulate you on the birthday of our wonderful city!
Remember that we are working for you with love! Eat with pleasure!

Employee of sorting shop I.Y. Doroshenko






Children photo contest "Little Miss Yasenka " was held throughout the summer among buyers. The beginning of the contest was marked by a bright photo session for children from Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. During the opening of the shopping centre, "Left Bank" everyone could take a picture with live chickens, receive a delicious gift and an instant photo as a memento!

Young fans of "Yasenka" aged from 2 months to 11 years from many parts of Russia took part in the competition! The results of the competition were announced on the last summer day. And now we can safely say that it was not just a competition, it was a real children's party, that had no losers, because in addition to the 3 winners, every little princess received an elegant headband with crown as a gift from "Yasenka»!!!

MISS-Yasenka         Liana 1.5 years (Tver region., Pos. Pervomajskij)
Vice-Miss             Maria 1 year 11 months (Belgorod region. P.Volokonovka)
Vice-Miss             Victoria 4 years (Volgograd)


Preparation for the Games in the season 2013

Football team "Yasenka" has begun preparations for the games in the season 2013.

We wish success to our team!



Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. began supplying eggs to the Moscow network of supermarkets "Attac" (a group of companies "Ashan").


Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.has started sowing of spring crops in season 2013

Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.has started sowing of spring crops in season 2013

Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.has started sowing of spring crops in season 2013 This year, the acreage structure includes such important for the enterprise crops, as barley, maize, sunflower, peas and soybeans.