1. ADVANCED, MODERN PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT FROM LEADING MANUFACTURERS. Our company is fully equipped with sets of poultry-specific equipment, including systems for heating, feeding, watering, gathering eggs, creating a microclimate in poultry houses, waste removal, transportation of eggs for the German firms Hellmann, Salmet, Lubing, and Big Dutchman. The MOBA egg sorting machine (Netherlands) operates automatically, based on both quality and weight. In the process of sorting, eggs with defects are removed from those intended for consumers. This machine adheres to the principle of "individual egg handling", which enhances sorting efficiency and ensures the ability to accurately follow each egg throughout the entire process.

2. OUR FOOD SUPPLY. Our company manufactures its own grain fodder. The company has grown: winter wheat, triticale, barley, corn, sunflower, and soybeans. Currently, the volume of harvested crop allows us to completely meet our demand for feed. In this matter, the owners have taken proactive strides , making significant efforts to further improve the efficiency of horticulture, allocating funds for the purchase of new agricultural machinery and modern trailer units, and encouraging the full use of advanced agricultural technologies.

Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. manufactures products under the "Yasenka" label! This brand is currently represented in many areas of Central and Southern Russia. Our main partners are the largest federal and local retail chains, Magnit, X5 Retail Group, Diksi, O’Key, Lenta, Pokupochka, Metro, TsentrTorg and many others. In total our brand presence reaches around 2,500 stores. It is worth noting that consumers in Voronezh and Voronezh Region can find our products in 9 of 10 chain stores, and in every second store in other regions.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY expresses itself a) by ensuring employees all opportunities for professional and career development and enhancing their welfare (incentives for all services that provide potential performance-based bonuses; individual scholarships and further employment for students, and regular activities for children of employees, etc.) and b) through interaction with the local community of the village of Yasenka (financing of the "Ptitseprom Bobrovskiy” football team; restoration of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady; renovation of water supply networks; participation in Victory Day events, including veteran assistance; and sponsorship of the local school district and hospital).

Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. produce a high-quality product, investing in the region's economy, creating jobs, and participating in the life of the local community!

Sustained growth and orientation towards the customer are key elements of our enterprise’s strategy, ensuring success and a clear future in the world of modern business!

Historical reference

BUSINESS of bygone days...

Modern Company Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. is located on the premises, which previously housed one of the largest breeding farms for the breeding of birds in the Soviet Union - "Bolshevik."

The collapse of the Soviet Union, the era of reforms had a negative impact on the company. Since the beginning of the 90s the poultry farm began to yield its position - obsolete equipment didn't allow to establish efficient production, the quality of products decreased sharply, problems with sales began and salaries were delayed. By 2006, the company has come to a complete standstill - poultry stock fell by a factor of five, the activity became steadily losing that caused in company bankruptcy.

By the end of 2006, all poultry stock of «Bolshevik" had been slaughtered, the equipment of 1960-1970 had come into complete disrepair, the buildings had required major repairs, and a wedge of land for several years had not been processed.

Therefore, in 2007, Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. was born and with it a large-scale investment program started, a new stage in the life of an enterprise began.

Years of hard work...

Practical activity for enterprise recovery began in 2008. Since then, the company is permanently in a state of reconstruction of existing and construction of new production facilities.

During this time:

- The launch of 6 renovated and equipped with modern production equipment industrial buildings for flocks of laying hens with total population of 270 thousand birds;

- Construction and commissioning of 4 buildings of industrial flock with total capacity of 872,800 heads of poultry;

- The renovation and construction of 3 buildings of growing birds (age of the birds up to 90 days) with full equipment of German machines. Total population - 330 thousand heads of poultry;

- The launch of 2 sorting and packing eggs zones, equipped with high-performance grading machine of Dutch production;

- Rehabilitation and extension of auxiliary production facilities - feed and slaughter plants, animal and veterinary laboratories, sanitary inspection; repair of storage facilities;

- The acquisition of the mobile feed mills; Car park is equipped with modern feed trailers.

The task of supplying the company with its own forage reserve attracted special attention to the "reanimation" of plant growing: purchasing of modern agricultural equipment, making investments in working capital (seed, fertilizer, crop protection), invitation to the highly qualified specialists.

At the end of 2014, the company entered the club of million-plus poultry farms (with capacity to accommodate commercial poultry flocks from 1 million head). This "club", now covering the entire country, has only 20 listed companies, and only half of them held a complete redesign and is able to produce a product of such quality and with the same level of effectiveness as Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.

We are not resting on our laurels!
To be continued...

Историческая справка Историческая справка Историческая справка Историческая справка Историческая справка