• 19.09.2015

    EMPLOYEES of Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd. congratulated the citizens of Voronezh on the City Day


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    LITTLE MISS Yasenka


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Andrew Golubev

General Director
of Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.
Andrew Golubev


In spite of all fears, we were born during the economic crisis of 2008.
Our short childhood passed on the ruins of a bankrupt poultry farm.
But we quickly developed into a strong adolescence, and then subtly into a confident adulthood.
We passed the one million mark in our chicken population in four years.
We entered federal retail chains with our eggs at the same young age.
In essence, around ourselves we created a new industrial world, a new environment.

Our success is unquestionable, as our problems are obvious. But those are just the "sweet" pains of growing: a lack of domestic facilities, but we will build them; a lack of internal paved roads, but we will pave them; a lack of warehouses, but we will create them.

If your child’s trousers are short, it means he is growing well. It makes us happy, even when it means we have to buy new clothes. Often, and at a certain expense.

We have become used to seeing continuous growth. We have a psychology of constant movement. We have formed methods of working on the go.
This is the foundation that gives us our confidence as we look to the future.
We are Bobrovski Chicken, Co. Ltd.